Sunday, August 18, 2013

The one with Gareth Bale's career in my FM game

While it’s still not official yet, but my beloved Spurs will lose their talisman Gareth Bale to Real Madrid soon. While the money is too good, the team needs to keep its best players in order to challenge and compete for honours.
Today, I will share a post from my Football Manager 2013 game, in which Gareth Bale stay with Spurs till he retired at the end of the 2023/24 season. He played 17 seasons with Spurs (12 seasons with me). He won every club honour there is, as well as leading his Welsh national team to the 2020 Euros title.
I was given the option to retire his number 11 jersey which I did as a tribute of his accomplishments with Spurs.
Below are game screenshots of Gareth’s career with Spurs.

Now back to real life, it will be sad for us to lose a player of his calibre, but when a team with deep pockets (or backed by the royal family and banks) come to offer to triple his wages, you are bound to have your head turned.
In today’s climate, money does talk. Players these days will seek massive pay checks with established teams. Gone are the days where a player will stay with a team and help build the team and forge an identity. Players like Matt Le Tissier comes to mind. He stayed at Southampton his entire career, and while he didn’t win any major honours, he stayed with the club. Today he is loved by all that supports Southampton.
So while it will ache me to see him play in the ugly white jersey of Real Madrid, I will thank him for his years service as well as spectacular goals for the club.
And I will continue to support Spurs and the players who will still wear the shirt and play with their heart on their sleeve.

I had hoped that Gareth would stay and become a club legend, but maybe being a legend is not what he is seeking.

The one where I won the World Football Manager 2013

I finally managed success on the international stage in Football Manager 2013. Lead England to the 2022 World Cup title. The final itself was the most loop-sided final ever.
At first, I didn’t want to lead an international team, as it would take up too much time. In the end I decided to give it a go since I’ve already won everything at club level.
Below are the screen captures of the qualifying phase and the world cup run itself. I managed to go to the world cup as a group winner, despite a late setback in which I lost 2 in a row, in which I thought I managed a late draw against Serbia, only for them to score a very late winner.
In the world cup group stage, I was drawn with Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. Prior to the world cup, media pointed out that a third of the squad were Spurs players. Well, I know them and I’m using the same system, so why not use players I can trust. Two wins and a draw saw me through to the second round.
The second pitted me against the Dutch and we won 2-1. The quarter final matchup was against the holder Croatia (yes the won the 2018 World Cup). I was 2 down at half time and staring at defeat with 10 minutes left, until 2 late goals completed the comeback. The semi-finals drew me against the French. Three goals in a 5 minute blitz sealed my place in the final.
My opponents in the final were the Americans. Yes, I too was surprised they made it this far. I went 3 up at halftime and there was no looking as I went on to win 8-1. My striker Matthew Eyre even helped himself to a hat-trick.
After the world cup, I resigned from the England managerial post to concentrate on continuing my Spurs dynasty.

The road the the World Cup
My World Cup run

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The one with the septuple

In my sixth season with Spurs on FM13, I’ve finally managed to win it all in the same season. I’ve won the septuple – 7 trophies – the Community Shield, the Euro Super Cup, the Club World Cup, the Capital One Cup, the FA Cup, the Premiership and the Champions League.
The Premiership win was my 6-peat and the closest race for the title. Spurs and Manchester United were neck-and-neck the whole season. Going into the last game, I had a  1 point lead ahead of Manchester United. To confirm the title, and to keep things simple, I had to win my last game. My last game was away against Arsenal. We won the title at the ground of our hated rivals with Harry Kane scoring the title winning goal.
The season was also the season I played Arsenal 8 times and beat them on all 8 occasions. Beat them 8-0 and 1-0 in the league, 2-1 and 2-0 in the Capital One cup semi-final, 1-0 and 3-1 in the Champions League semi-final, 7-2 in the FA cup quarter-final and 4-3 in the Euro Super cup.
The Champions League was the 4th time I played Barcelona in the final. I have a 2-1 head-to-head record against them in the Champions League final. I avenged my loss to them in the final 2 years ago by beating them 2-0. Goals scored by Isco and Gareth Bale.
My main star was Erik Lamela. In 37 appearances, he bagged in 12 goals and laid out 24 assists. He also picked 20 yellow cards. The defenders too all performed well. Seven of the top ten in average rating were defenders. Goals were scored all over the place, with 11 players scoring at least 8 goals. And 3 of those players recorded double digits in assists too. Top scorer was Harry Kane with 23.
Below are the screen shots of the record winning season.

The league run
The champions league run
Player summary
So what left is there to achieve? For now, my aim is to keep on winning with Spurs and maybe try my hand on the international stage.

Monday, December 31, 2012

The one with the year that was 2012

Its time for the annual ‘the year that was’ post. 2012 was another eventful year despite the world ending was looming large. Since I haven’t been actively blogging, trying to recap the year isn’t that easy, but I’ll stick to the highlights I remember.
My son now as of writing is 15 months old. Aidan year one was awesome. Watching him grow and develop has been a joy. Now that he has legs, he just can’t stop moving and playing. He has grown so much and I’ve been fortunate enough to be around during his growth. He can be very cheeky and mischievous while being cute and cuddly at the same time. My wife says i spoil him too much and i let him get away with everything that I’m easily fooled by his cuteness.
Sports-wise I believe I’m no longer the player I used to be. I even don’t have the same fire and passion to play every game I can. I guess this year has probably been the year with the least sporting appearances for me. Overall in 53 futsal games, I average 2-goals and an assist per game. Basketball wise, I averaged 10-17-5-1-2 in 47 games. Didn’t get much of tennis action this year. Mainly due to the inability to get a court date and the weather hasn’t been tennis friendly. I tailed off towards the end of the year, as my will-to-play is no longer there. I now need to feed off the energy and will-to-play from others. Hopefully I can rejuvenate myself for 2013.
In May I finally made a career move. I left the Bursa Malaysia gig for a gig at Bank Simpanan Nasional. Also, I’ve rejoined the treasury line and now I’m doing what I was doing when I started my career. So far the move has been good, but I still feel unsettled.  Not plotting any exits as of yet, but will keep my options open.
So 2012 has been an eventful year on its own. Here’s hoping for a better 2013.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The one where its been a while

Hello all. How do? Happy fasting to the Muslim community.
Guess its been a while since I wrote something here. Surprised I still remember my password.
So whats new? Well, now I'm coming into 3 months at my new gig. So far so good, doing what I used to do when I started my career.
Aidan is growing right before my eyes. Its a joy to see him grow and watch him reach new milestones everyday. He will be 11 months next Sunday. And when I look back at his photos, he has grown so much.
Earlier this month, me and the Mrs celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
Also, just bought the new Spurs jerseys for next season. Yup, I bought both home and away jerseys, and boy do they look sexy.

 aidan at 10 months

 celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary

the new spurs jerseys for the upcoming season

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The one with The Avengers

The first of the summer-comic-book-movies has been screened - The Avengers. A fan-boys dream come true. And I must say it was surprisingly fun.
I was a bit sceptical about the movie. I was worried about chemistry, screen time, character development and the flow of the story. However I was glad I was wrong.
Each character was given a fair amount of screen time and presence in the film. Though I believe Loki had more screen time than most and Tony Stark had the best lines especially with his verbal sparring with Steve Rogers.With Steve playing the patriotic soldier and Tony being himself, the clash of ideas really had an impact on the team. And their on-screen chemistry was beautiful.
Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of Bruce Banner surprised me. I for one really enjoyed Ed Norton's portrayal of Bruce, as he embodied the inner struggle he endured brilliantly. Mark played a Bruce who seem more in control of 'the other guy'.
My favourite character Thor was probably the most awesome of them all (yes, I'm biased). His early battle against both Captain America and Iron Man was one of my favourite scenes. Thor himself enjoyed watching both Steve and Tony go at each other. Also the Thor against Hulk fight was awesome. (Wonder if we would have a Hulk vs Wolverine soon?)

The other characters Natasha and Clint had their share of screen time too. The were normal humans who didn't have powers like their teammates. Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and Maria Hill had their screen time.
Come to think of it, Joss Whedon really did a good job developing the characters. Unlike the X-men trilogy where Wolverine was the main focus of the story.
The movie is about the different personalities of each team member and how they all came together to fight the common enemy.
My overall review for Avengers would be awesome and fun. Just enjoy the ride.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The one with another disastrous futsal tournament

Last Saturday 14th April 2012 was the 2nd edition of the EPL supporters club futsal tournament. It was bigger then the last tournament with a total of 12 teams. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle all sent 2 teams while Manchester City and Spurs sent 1 team.
Prior to the tournament we didn't really prepare well. All attempts for centralized training was met with lukewarm response and injuries. With that, I came into the tournament with zero expectations. And how wrong I was. I didnt know we were suppose to win the whole shindig. The best part was the players who never turn up for training are the ones demanding a win. 
First I'll get to the results. We drew our first game against Chelsea B 0-0 and I didn't see any playing time in that one. Next we lost to Man Utd A 2-3. I came in after half-time and we were already 2-down at that point. I came in and help stabilize the defence (sometimes you just need big guys at the back). I also got yellow-carded in that game. I was carded because I ran over a very small Man Utd player which I didn't see when going for a high ball. Funny call but it was against Man Utd. Craig pulled us level with 2 quick goals. Then disaster happened. I under hit a pass forward which was intercepted by a Man Utd player and I was caught out with a quick 1-2 counter. I was blamed for that goal which I owned up too. But the rest didn't accepted it. They claim that I should have been subbed because I was 'tired'. Well that was suppose to be their call on who comes in and out. My number wasn't called so I carried on. With that I knew I was going to be benched for the rest of the tournament. I missed our next 2 games, a 2-1 win over Arsenal A with goals from Leonard and Conrad and a 1-3 loss to Liverpool A with Conrad scoring our lone goal. We were already eliminated from the semis before our last game against Newcastle B. I was asked to start because there was nothing to play for. Due to be out cold, I wasn't ready for the game and made 2 early errors which lead to their goals in the first 3 minutes or so. Everyone was making me the scapegoat and then I had it. I walked out on the team, asked someone else to replace me. We lost 1-3 with Shahrul getting our goal. I didn't say goodbye to the team and walked back home straight after the game. The tournament was just across the road from my in-laws place so I decided to just walk to the tournament venue.
So i just played less then 8 minutes in the tournament from a total of 50 minutes playing time. Only played in 2 games while I was benched for the other 3. I didn't appreciate being made the scapegoat for the losses in which I played a part in. We didn't even prepare as a team. What do you expect? You think we can win by just showing up? Even Barcelona don't win without any preparation. With that I officially quit the team (like I was needed anyway). I will not make myself available for any future Spurs Malaysia futsal teams. 
A frustrating tournament and also a wasted weekend.